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Strategy & Video Content

We specialize in creating video training and educational content for the next generation of developers

We Understand Developer Education

More than just courses, we've spent years producing weekly shows, webinars, live training, marketing content, explainers, documentaries, and premium content to teach and train developers

Explainer Video: What is Trehouse 

Animated shorts to introduce users to a new educational platform

The Treehouse Show 

Weekly 10-12 minute video show teaching students to code and sharing student projects

Video Courses 

We've produced 100s of hours of online courses to train web designers and web developers

Reality Show-Inspired Education

Documentary & Reality-show inspired coding training teaching students how to build a multiplayer online game

Pro & Premium Content

Exclusive 'advanced' content only available behind a 'pro' paywall with guests like Microsoft's Scott Hanselman

Transmedia Storytelling 

Lost & Mr Rogers inspired backstory videos, telling action-packed stories about Treehouse teachers

Marketing Content 

Short, documentary style interviews with educators and politicians about their experience with Treehouse

Design Training 

Designer-focused training content

B2B Marketing 

Enterprise marketing content to connect with C-level executives 

YouTube Training

Personal, authentic training content marketing directly on YouTube

We Create Content for Developers 

We collaborated with Twilio to create content for developers who are new to the Twilio API

Twilio Studio Onboarding

We collaborated with Twilio Developer Advocates to create an onboarding tool to introduce new and experienced developers to Twilio Studio 

Build with Twilio Studio

Onboarding Video

Working with the Twilio team we produced an onboarding video to get people up and running with Twilio Studio

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